Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goodbye Russia -with love

Again, the packing is almost complete and we are finishing up with last minute things prior to departure from Ufa.

What once seemed like "forever" passed very quickly toward the end. We have most of the clothes that we brought placed in bags for friends, and their friends.  After 3 months of wearing the same few things, we are sick of seeing them and will give someone else a chance. My bag is now filled with Russian trinkets that I hope don't get ripped off or lost on the trip home.  Ufa has not been the best place to purchase souvenirs-sorry friends and family, it is mostly known for it's honey and mares milk.  Not too transferable...

My last 30 minute walk in the dark (at 9:30 am) in 27 degree was this morning.  As much as I have complained, I have actually enjoyed it and will miss those interesting morning walks.
My "less than 10 minutes" of fame occurred this afternoon when I was interviewed on Bashkortostan TV.  It will air tonight and you can tune at 8:30 pm, Russia Channel 24, lol.

Hopefully, we will leave Ufa with a more positive view of Americans.  Often people have been curious and candid with questions.  "Do Americans hate us" or "how are we viewed by Americans"?

I can genuinely say that we have enjoyed the people of Bashkortostan and Ufa as a city.  It has been a more than interesting 3 months living in this part of Russia.  It is not what I expected, and have been surprised by things on almost a daily basis.  We are more like the Russian people than different.

For each of you that have followed Mr. John & I on this journey...thank you for your interest and support.  Your comments and emails have been especially appreciated and helped us through when we were missing our family and friends, and when days were long.  I hope that you have found our experience worthwhile to follow and have joined us for a laugh or two.

Da svi-dan-ya...for now and I hope you will join us again on our next journey.



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  1. Russia is the better for having you both in residence these past 3 months. Your blogs have been informative, funny, and sometimes shocking..i.e. horse meat in cream and always fascinating! I keep telling your Mother, "Susie must write a book." Bon Voyage, Mr. John and Susie