Saturday, November 16, 2013

The end of this journey is nearing...

Well, we will be leaving Russia in less than a week.  We fly from Ufa-Moscow-New York(JFK)-Orlando on Friday.  All of a sudden we have a million things to do and our social/work calendar is full until then.

Next week I am lecturing at the university, presenting at a national Neurology conference, presenting at an international Oncology conference, and joining some of my colleagues in a TV interview. Due to the various subject matter, I am scrambling as usual this weekend.

The last few evenings have been jam packed.  We attended a Russian/Bashkir adult birthday party on Wednesday.  It was really fun.  The restaurant, like so many here in Ufa was underground and we had a terrible time locating it-even with specific directions.  The door at the surface level was located in a side parking lot of a bank!?!  The food, conversation (mostly Russian- but someone next to me spoke some English), music and evening was wonderful.  The main course was beef tongue and a few dishes of salmon.  John and I were lucky enough to snag the fish. The toasting routine was like many others we have experienced here.  The toasts can last 10 minutes or more, and almost always end with "to women & mothers".  Everyone is expected to give a toast and ours are always too short.

Last night we had some colleagues over for dinner.  As usual, we moved our table into the living room next to the bed for dinner. Believe it or not, we do this to "add" ambiance...

The couple brought the food as they wanted us to experience a traditional family type Bashkir meal.  Upon arriving and realizing we that we didn't have an oven, we had to improvise alittle.  We nuked the handmade pastry pockets filled with meat (beef, I asked) and potatoes. They were so good and I'm sure would have even been better if slowly heated in a conventional oven.  Next were pastries filled with dried raisins, dried apricots and brown (yes, they said brown) cottage cheese.  Again, delicious.  We finished with pancakes smothered with fresh Bashkir honey and small pastries filled with apples & berries.

No utensils were recommended and double-dipping was obviously acceptable.

Today concludes our last wash day here in Ufa-thank goodness.  I can't believe how nice it will be to use a washer & dryer in the near future.

This morning, we also cut each others hair.  We have only one small mounted mirror in the apartment and it is in the dark entry hallway(none in the bathroom).  We were both getting very shaggy.

Not too bad... but the results could look quite different once we get a good look at ourselves in a larger mirror and in full light.

Oh well...we that won't let that dampen our enthusiasm for our trip home. 

Hope you recognize us!?!


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  1. I know the water level will sink in good ole CC on the weekend as the washer will be going full force!